The Background:
Water districts across the United States, including PWSD3, have been directed to report on the presence of lead and copper in their water systems. The good news is that PWSD3 service lines to the meters were not built using these materials.

We are required to report information about your water system, which includes the pipe from the District’s meter into your home, barn, business, or hydrant, in some cases. If your house, barn, or business was constructed after 1986, it should not have lead pipes, fixtures, and solder. This is because the U.S. Congress prohibited the use of lead pipes and solder in new plumbing systems. However, the ban did not apply to pipes already installed in the ground. Even today, it is estimated that there are still 6 to 10 million lead service lines in the country.

If you need help identifying pipe materials, these three links and the image below may be helpful.

There are a few tests to check your pipes to help determine if lead, galvanized steel or copper is used.

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