1183 Customers across Saline County, MO

PWSD3 was established in 1977 by a group of rural residents who knew the importance of water. The original Board of Directors was instrumental in phasing the first water lines into areas surrounding Marshall.

The District’s first waterlines were laid using PVC in the spring of 1982.

Currently, over 400 miles of pipes supply water to 1183 meters. On average, a new meter is set each month.

Throughout the years, a select group of Operators have overseen the expansion and upkeep of the water pipelines in the region.

  • Eric Fann – 2014 – Present
  • George Dehn –

Our Clerks have been hard at work processing your payments, providing you with monthly utility bills, and providing their expert assistance to help you with all your needs!

  • Denise Conner – 2013 – Present
  • Frances Black – 2013

The District is divided into 5 Sub-Districts. Board members serve for 3 years.

  • Dennis Desmond – Sub-District 1, President
  • Clark Driskell – Sub-District 2, Vice President
  • Kenneth Lewis – Sub-District 3
  • Charles Holder – Sub-District 4
  • Amy Miles – Sub-District 5