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Denise Conner

PWSDno3 Clerk

Billing Dates


Payment Options

The meters are read usually around the 20th of each month.


Your bill should arrive during at least the last week of the month.


Bills are due on the 15th unless that falls on a weekend and then are due on the next Monday.


Late Bills are sent out on the 16th  and includes the 5% late fee.  This amount must be paid by the last day of the month.


Service will be discontinued and a $50 fee will be charged to renew service along with the payment in full of all current charges to the account.

The water rate is based on tiered usage. The minimum monthly water bill is $16.00 which includes 1000 gallons. The next 1000 gallons is $ 9 more, the next is $7 more, the next 1000 is $5 more and each 1000 after is $3.50.


  • up to 1000 gallons = $16.00
  • 2000 gallons = $26.25 (plus $10.25)
  • 3000 gallons = $33.50 (plus $7.25)
  • 4000 gallons = $38.75 (plus $5.25)
  • 5000 gallons = $42.85 (plus $4.10)
  • Add $4.10 per  each 1000 gallons

Chart - Rates


Cash, check, or money order can be dropped by the office at 118 N Lafayette or mailed to  PO Box 334, Marshall, MO 65340.  Be sure to include the zip code or else your payment may be delayed.


FREE auto Bill pay is available.  Signing up is easy.  Complete this form and bring or mail to the office along with a voided check from the financial institution you want to use to get started.


Credit/Debit or e-Checks are now an option but there is a $3 processing fee per $100.  You may call the office to make a payment.




118 N Lafayette Ave. PO BOX 334, Marshall, MO 65340

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